NLJCH Fairywood´s Cassiopeia - Casje

Basic informations

D.O.B. 30.9. 2007

Import Netherland

Toos and Bert, big thanke you for this excelent bitch .




ED 0/0

genotyp EEBb -má vlohu pre čokoládovú farbu/carries chocolate

očný certifikát  PRA/CAT neg. ( 13. 10.2011)

PRA  normal /clear  Optigen lab. USA/

RD /OSD  normal/clear  Optigen lab. USA/

EIC carrier    / DDC USA/


Date Kind of show Grade Class Judge
21.09.2008 CLUB SHOW, Waalwijk, NL excelent 1, CAJC mladých Mansink (NL)
01.11.2008 CLUB SHOW, NL excelent 1, CAJC mladých A.Verbeek de Neef, (NL)
06.02.2009 International,CACIB, Eidhoven,NL excelent 1, CAJC mladých
28.02.2009 CLUB SHOW, Groningen,NL excelent 4 mladých A. Anderson
08.03.2009 Club show,East Eng.Retr.Club, UK exelent 3 Yearling bitch Brian Lowe (UK)
19.07.2009 Club show, Luxemb. excelent 1 medzitrieda Anna Lavelle (UK)
06.02.2010 International,CACIB, Eidhoven,NL excelent 1 otovrená, open G.S. Kips (LUX)
18.11.2011 Special show exc.1, CAC otvorená/open Andras Korozs (HUN)
19.11.2011 International CACI, Zagreb, Croatia exc.2, res CAC otvorená/ open Barbara Kroflin (HR)
06.05.2012 National show, CAC, Banska Bystrica, Slovakia ex. 1, CAC otvorená/open p.Stanovský (SK)
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