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Basic informations


parents : Ch Creekwater Surf Scoter x Ch Country Cottage Lab´s Valley

born : 5th February 2018



ED 0/0

ECVO eyes clear 2/2020

PRA clear by parentage / rodičovský

EIC clear by parentage / rodičovský

HNPK clear by parentage/ rodičovský

length coat gen / clear / DDC /


Date Kind of show Grade Class Judge
01.09.2018 trieda šteniat/ puppy class Sven Slettedal (NO)
15.09.2018 trieda šteniat/ puppy class Philippe Lammens (FR)
29.09.2018 trieda šteniat/ puppy class Gary Johnson (UK)
28.04.2019 mladých/junior Eeva Rautala (FIN)
04.05.2019 mladých/junior Daniela Bartošová (SVK)
25.05.2019 mladých/junior Erdos László (HU)
25.05.2019 mladých/junior Jovica Golubovic (SLO)
26.05.2019 mladých/junior Lyudmila Nikitina (RUS)
06.07.2019 mladých/junior Judit Beke (HU)
14.09.2019 stredná/intermediate Linda Harvey Major (UK)
08.12.2019 otvorená/open Daniela Bartošová (SVK)
20.09.2020 otvorená/open Judit Beke (HU)
5n4a2518.jpg dsc_0032.jpg dsc_0575.jpg dsc_1906.jpg 7d2_0800.jpg 7d2_0948.jpg 5n4a2511.jpg 7d2_9321.jpg 7d2_9331.jpg 7d2_0918.jpg dsc_0212.jpg

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