Ch Svk, HU Country Cottage Lab´s Valley

Basic informations

Slovakia and Hungarian show champion

stud book number in KC in England, 1 x CC winner

club BIS puppy 2nd place - 2014 - Croatia

cub BOJ, BOB  2014 - Czek

club winner   2015 - Slovakia

club  BOB 2015 - Hungary

BOB - Scotish Kennel Club 2016

Club winner, BOB - Czek labrador club 2017

2nd Best in show -Czek Labrador club - Kelč 2017

hunting exam - JSR  II.prize, 146b  r. 2014 - FCI working certifikát

hunting exam  JSR I. prize  168b  r. 2015

Working test  class  E- bigginers -  6th place

active gundog during season

report from David Craig /UK/    "  very good type of bitch, wonderful head, correct length of muzzles, nice eyes colour ,strong, clean neck, good shoulders and adequate body,lovely feet, super topline, strong hindquarters, excelent coat and tail , moved well, and showed in perfect condition !"

report from K.Powell /UK/

" really beautiful black bitch, overall balance is just right, sound movement, excellent moved, her head is little bit strong for me, but excelent lenght of muzzle, lovely eye colour, super reach of neck, she is well angulated both front and hind , lovely barrel rib, excelent stiffle, well of bone, lovely neat feet,correct coat with super otter tail, lovely condition" ..

report from Lesley Dantinnes/UK/ Zannys kennel 

 Krasnicanova's Country Cottage Labs Valley Another good classic black that is full of breed type. Longer cast than 1. Loved her head and expression, kind eye of good colour. Good neck into well placed shoulders, well ribbed back. Nicely balanced all through with good leg length. Covered the ground with ease.

report form Ricard Morris /UK/

2,5 black, very typicl, lovely head and expression,beautifully constructed, exc condition and finess, correct coat of density and texture, moves very soundly, excelent otter tail, all the essentials of a quality bitch




ED 0/1

eyes clear last examination 2/2020

EEBb - carries chocolate

EIC, HNPK, lenght coat gene -  clear

PRA clear . Optigen A

RD/OSD clear  - Optigen 

FCI working certificate


Date Kind of show Grade Class Judge
19.04.2014 International CACIB show Szilvásvárad VP1 Best Puppy šteniat/puppy Umit Ozkanal (TUR)
20.04.2014 International CACIB show Szilvásvárad VP1 Best Puppy šteniat/puppy Judit Beke (HU)
10.05.2014 Croatia klub show , Dolnja Stubica VP, 2nd Best Puppy of the show šteniat/puppy Caron Morton (UK)
01.06.2014 Special club show Konopiste, Czek CAJC, BOJ, BOB mladých/junior / 15/ David Craig (UK)
21.09.2014 Club show Oslavany, Czek excelent junior Karen Powell (UK)
28.02.2015 IDS Nitrawa CACIB show ex1, CAC pracovná/working Opris Roxana LIliana (RO)
01.03.2015 IDS Nitra Cup CACIB show ex1, CAC, res CACIB pracovná/working Bango Prendes Julia Maria (ESP)
21.03.2015 50.Championship Three ridings club show in UK 2.miesto yearling Lesley Danntines (UK)
01.05.2015 Slovak retriever club show Kamnenny Mlyn ex1, CAC Club Winner working Jan Roger Sauge (NOR)
23.05.2015 Special club show in Tata - Hungary ex1, CAC , BOB pracovná/working Barbara Krumpak (SLO)
07.06.2015 Nitra Winner CACIB ex1, CAC pracovná/working Fryckstrand Henric (SE)
04.07.2015 National show CAC Veľká Ida ex1, CAC pracovná/working Kristina Tar (UA)
20.09.2015 Club show RK CZ - Oslavany EX.1 CAC pracovná/working Robert Pollock (UK)
23.10.2015 special club show SRK, Vinicne, Ex2, res CAC working Margareth Gawthrope (UK)
15.01.2016 CACIB Nitra ex2, res CAC pracovná/working Zdenka Jílková (CZ)
19.02.2016 International Cacib Show Budapest ex.1, CAC pracovná/working Judit Beke (HU)
20.02.2016 International Cacib Show Budapest ex.1, CAC, res CACIB pracovná/working Zolthán Kiss (HU)
05.03.2016 CACIB Graz ex.1, CACA, res. CACIB pracovná/working Richard Morris (UK)
02.04.2016 International Cacib Show Nitra ex2, res CAC pracovná/working Igor Vyguzov (RU)
03.04.2016 International Cacib Show Nitra ex2, res CAC pracovná/working Opris Roxana Liliana (RO)
22.04.2016 Open gundog W.E.L.K. S - UK Ex3rd otvorená/open Anne Taylor (UK )
11.06.2016 Championship Show second otvorená/ open Carol Coode (UK)
21.06.2016 otvorená/open M. McCulloch (UK )
29.04.2017 Club show Kamenný Mlyn Ex2, res CAC šampiónov/champion Martin O´Donoghue (IRL)
02.06.2017 CACIB Nitra President Cup Ex1, CAC, CACIB,BOS šampiónov/champions Dan Ericsson (SE)
05.07.2017 Czek club retriever show Kelč ex 1,CAC, BOB, res. BIS champions Arne Foss (NOR)
02.09.2017 Czek club retriever show Hranice na Morave ex.1, CAC champions Anja Verbeek (NL)
14.10.2017 Speciality show of Hungary labrador club TATA Ex1, CAC pracovná/ working Dale Elliott (UK)
01.09.2018 šampiónov/champions Sven Slettedal (NO)
15.09.2018 šampiónov/champions Philippe Lammens (FR)
26.09.2018 otvorenu/open Sheelin Couthbert (UK)
29.09.2018 pracovná / working Gary Johnson (UK)
06.07.2019 šampiónov/ champions Judit Beke (HU)
14.09.2019 šampiónov/ champions Linda Harvey Major (UK)
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