Ch Svk, HU Bebé Biscuit Lab´s Valley

Basic informations

D. O. B. 27. 08. 2012

qualified for life at Crufts

stud book number in KC 

FCI working certificate



ED 0

PRA clear by parentage

EIC carrier 

CNM clear 

HNPK clear

RD/OSD clear

current eye certificat 10/2018

genotyp EEBb má vlohu pre čokoládovú / carries chocolate


Date Kind of show Grade Class Judge
22.02.2013 Club show Nitra VP2 baby Angela Hancock (IRL)
01.06.2013 International CACIB show Nitra VG Junior Hari Lehkonen (FIN)
02.06.2013 International CACIB show Nitra Ex 2 junior Milos Kaspar (CZ)
14.09.2013 National show CAC Lucenec Ex 4 Junior Milos Kaspar (CZ)
29.11.2013 Special club show Nitra Exc.3 Junior Nanad Davidovic (SRB)
18.01.2014 International CACIB show Ljubljana CAC, res. CACIB medzitrieda I.G. Furiosi (IT)
18.01.2014 Special club show Ljubljana CAC medzitrieda Hannele Jokisilta (FIN)
19.04.2014 International CACIB Silvásvarád ex.2, res CAC medzitrieda Umit Ozkanal (TUR)
20.04.2014 International CACIB Silvásvarád CAC, res. CACIB medzitrieda Judit Beke (HU)
04.05.2014 National gundogshow in Rzeszow, Poland, CWC Ex.1, CWC, Best Bitch, BOS medzitrieda John Thirlwell (UK)
10.05.2014 Club show Dolnja Stubica, Croatia ex.3rd intermediate Caron Morton (UK)
31.05.2014 Special retriever club show, Konopiste, Czek rep. Ex1, CAC intermediate Lynda Heron (UK)
01.06.2014 Club show, Konopiste, Czek ex.3rd medzitrieda David Craig (UK)
28.02.2015 IDS Nitrawa CACIB show Ex4 open/otvorená Opris Roxana LIliana (RO)
21.03.2015 50.Championship Three ridings club show in UK 1st. place limit Lesley Danntines (UK)
01.05.2015 Slovak retriever club show Kamnenny Mlyn ex1, CAC open/otvorená Jan Roger Sauge (NOR)
23.05.2015 Special club show in Tata - Hungary ex1, CAC otvorená/open Barbara Krumpak (SLO)
19.02.2016 International Cacib Show Budapest ex.1, CAC otvorená/open Judit Beke (HU)
20.02.2016 International Cacib Show Budapest ex2, res CAC otvorená/open Zoltán Kiss (HU)
05.03.2016 CACIB Graz Ex3rd otvorená/open Richard Morris (UK)
02.04.2016 International Cacib Show Nitra ex.1, CAC otvorená/open Igor Vyguzov (RU)
03.04.2016 IDS Nitrawa CACIB show Ex3rd otvorená/open Opris Roxana Liliana (RO)
24.09.2016 special show TATA Hungary Ex 2nd, res CAC otvorená/open Carole Coode /Warringah/ (UK)
15.09.2018 pracovná / working Philippe Lammens (FR)
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